Our grapes are grown in the traditional head-pruned, dry farmed method to bring you bold, complex wines that give you the full essence of each varietal. To order wines that are currently available, please use our webstore. Join us for Events and wine tasting at our vineyard, Condor’s Hope Ranch in northern Santa Barbara County.

Coming Soon!

The 2021 Vintage was bottled in September 2022. We are very excited to share with you something new, as well as the return of a classic old favorite. While the 2021 drought year produced very high quality grapes, with small bunches and high skin:fruit ratio, our yield was the lowest ever, which both means that the 2021 vintage is to be savored and that there will be minimal available. These wines have been crafted by winemaker Colin McNany with creativity, care and desire to preserve the taste and quality of Condor’s Hope grapes. We look forward to sharing these wines with you, our community, and know you will appreciate the care, worry, and love that has gone into every sip you take. We expect to start releasing some of these varietals with our December 2022  Club Condor Selection.

Wine Club

We are excited to invite you to join Club Condor.  Following several years of drought, our bountiful 2023 harvest is in the barrel and awaits release to our glasses in 2024. We hope you will join us with the upcoming releases of our Pedro Ximénez (white wine), Rosé blend, Shiraz and our steadfast Zinfandel. As always our Winter Solstice release features our freshly harvested and milled olive oil. All of our grapes and olives are grown organically and dry farmed with loving care.

Enjoy free membership in Club Condor and receive special wine selections 2 times a year plus wine club discounts all of the time. It’s a great way to be an ongoing part of the Condor’s Hope community. Learn more about wine club privileges and how to become a member.

Our own wines are made from the fruit of the certified organic vines of our family’s 5-acre vineyard in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains in the Cuyama Valley of northern Santa Barbara County. These delicious, full-bodied wines are at their prime and come from grapes that are sustainably grown using traditional head-pruned and dry-farmed practices that are soil and water conserving.

Among the grapevines we’ve planted 150 olive trees grown in the same dry-farmed system as the vines. We have six varieties which we blend together to produce an organic olive oil that is full mouthed with a grassy finish and ready to enjoy right after harvest. The olive oil is always offered as part of our December Wine Club Selection.


A robust red wine with fruit forward fullness. Grown with dry-farming methods on our certified organic, dry-farmed vineyard in Santa Barbara County and kept in American Oak barrels for 12-20 months.


Full-bodied smoky overtones of plum. Grown with dry-farming methods on our certified organic, dry-farmed vineyard in Santa Barbara County and kept in American Oak barrels for 15-20 months.

Pedro Ximénez

A truly unique white wine. Traditionally grown throughout much of southern Spain, this variety thrives on heat and dryness. We are one of the few producers of this wine outside of Spain. Grown on our certified organic, dry-farmed vineyard in Santa Barbara County.

Rosé Blend

Blush blend of Zinfandel, Mourvédre, and Mission grapes crafted into a dry Rosé in the French tradition. Grown on our certified organic, dry-farmed vineyard in Santa Barbara County using the traditional head-pruned, dry-farmed style.

Olive Oil

Among our vineyard’s five acres of organic, dry-farmed grapes are interspersed rows of olive trees, approximately 150 trees. Growing and harvesting in ways that respect and protect the natural surroundings, we seek to carry on the tradition of producing high quality wines and olive oil as was done in vineyards and olive groves centuries ago. We produce robust, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil from our organically grown and dry-farmed Italian and Spanish olive varietals. Our hand harvested olives are a blend of six Italian varietals: Leccino, Maurino, Coratina, Frantoio, Itrana, Pendolino, and the Spanish Picual.

Note: Our 2021 harvest is sold out. Our next harvest will be in November 2022 and should be available for sale by Thanksgiving 2022.

Our Mentor’s Old Vine Zinfandel

Benito Dusi grew up on the vineyard that his parents planted in 1923 in Paso Robles, California. He carefully tended these Zinfandel vines until his passing in 2017. This original Dusi Vineyard is grown in the traditional dry-farmed, head-pruned style. We met Ben when we began planting our vineyard in 1997. He became our mentor, teaching us these traditional techniques to use at Condor’s Hope. We are very pleased to be one of the few small producers of wine from Benito Dusi’s old vine Zinfandel. Grown in Paso Robles and kept in American Oak barrels for over 20 months. Winemaker: Colin McNany, Coastal Cru Wines.

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