The winegrape harvests are complete. Once again friends and family joined together in the vineyard to harvest the fruit of the vine. And indeed we did. While the volume was unfortunately low due to the continued drought, the quality is wonderful. Winemaker Colin McNany said it was the best grapes he’s ever seen come out of our vineyard!  Thanks to all who joined in….

A special treat was enjoyed when John M. showed up with 2- 40 year old bottles of zinfandel from our Mentor’s Vineyard, Dusi Ranch. We gently opened these old corks and then savored the tastes–the tarry taste of aged zin. So special!

As one harvester wrote:

“A Monday morning pause….I literally held a succulent bundle of grapes in my hands & removed it from the mother plant & sent it on its journey of becoming a elixir in a wine glass! How great was that?”  (Lisa)

The wine is now all in barrels magically transforming as it rests.

Looking forward to enjoying the 2016 harvest!


Robbie & Steve



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  1. Wonderful again! My L.A. contingent of friends, new to Condor’s Hope pulled their weight in grapes (does the math work out?) and probably ate and drank their weight too! Thanks again for being the the best hosts of the best little weekend get-away a person could have!

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