This was a year worth waiting for!   This year was one where every season was ideal: winter gave us over 20 inches of rain that fell evenly throughout the season and was easily absorbed into the soil; the mild spring lasted through May with glorious wildflowers and perfect weather for an excellent fruit set. Our chaparral summers are always very warm, but this summer saw few days over 100 degrees letting the grapes ripen slowly and the dry-farmed vines stay vital and healthy. This led to a cooler August and September which gave the grapes extra ‘hang-time’ to reach their peak before harvest.

And our three community harvests were wonderful. Thanks to all who joined in bringing in the fruit of the vine. We started with Shiraz in late August, followed by an initial Zinfandel harvest, and then ended with a major Solstice harvest for Zinfandel, Pedro Ximénez and grapes that make our Rosé blend. The food was superbly crafted by Brendan, Molly and Zach, and the wine and conversation flowed as we all enjoyed the harvest and time around the campfire. In total, we harvested 9 tons of grapes which will yield approximately 450 cases of Condor’s Hope organic, dry-farmed wines. Please check out the harvest stories through the photos below. Thank you harvesters!