Walking through the vineyard in July we are in awe of the vitality of the grapevines and olive trees. Our dry farm system  is thriving from the 20 inches of winter rain. Except for the newly planted vines, we have not irrigated at all this year and imagine we will not have to all the way through harvest. The Shiraz vines are reaching across the 10 feet between rows to touch each other and form beautiful ‘huts’ to hide under, the Zinfandel vines are 3 – 5 feet in length and dance in the afternoon breeze and we admire the lush fruit set on the Pedro Ximénez every time we walk through these rows. Not only did we have above average rainfall, but also the weather has been cool, perfect for the planting of about 100 new vines which we did at our annual Memorial Day Weekend Work Party. While usually we are sweltering under the late May sun, this time we were wearing jackets to stay warm. Enjoy these spring to summer and work party photos.