With hopes for continued rains after last year’s recovery from 6 years of drought, we were disappointed to have a rainy season that only brought 8 inches of rain (approximately half of normal). Thankfully though 5 of those 8 inches came in March, at the end of the rainy season, thus helping prepare the soil for spring. Our spring season was cool with a later than normal bud break and some slight frost. The vines seem to have continued building on their strength gained from the previous year’s rains. We watched the natural vegetation, especially the oak trees, continue to recover from the multiple year drought and the vines and olive trees take on good growth. We optimistically look forward to a good grape harvest with good fruit set on the vines. Our olive trees while showing good vegetative growth will have a minimal fruit harvest due to both the cool spring and being an alternate year bearing tree. Please enjoy spring to summer vineyard pictures!