Our big grape harvest of 2017 took place the second weekend in September. The vines had truly bounced back after 5 years of drought and we were looking forward to a great harvest. We got word out to friends and family who came from near and far to help us bring in the harvest. And they did! Unfortunately, as farmers around the world know, sometimes nature gets in the way of a perfect harvest. The two weeks before harvest we were hit with a week of super high temperatures (up to 110 degrees) which shuts down the fruit from ripening. This was then followed by thunderstorms, wind and hail! Oh my. We were worried, but kept our hopes up. Finally, as most of the harvesters experienced, we had a major invasion of yellow jackets who were sucking the juice of the grapes. So, while some of the grapes made it through all of this, many were lost to a bacteria that turns the grape juice to vinegar. We were heartbroken by this loss, but it is countered by the amazing group of people who gathered together for this community harvest. Thank you one and all! Please enjoy the pictures below. Special thanks to Sandi and Madison for sharing their photos with us.

Robbie & Steve


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  1. What a shame that Mother Nature played you such a bad series of events. Still, it looks like everyone enjoyed the harvest and the comaraderie.

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