Among the blue oaks and chaparral, Condor’s Hope Vineyard is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Santa Barbara County. Farmers Steve Gliessman and Roberta (Robbie) Jaffe grow their 5-acre vineyard using traditional dry-farm practices producing full-bodied, bold, complex wines while protecting the environment and conserving water.


Farming is a way we bring our family and friends together to enjoy the beauty and fruits of the land. We hope you join us at Condor's Hope. We look forward to meeting you.


Started in 1995, our family's 5 acre vineyard includes 5 winegrape varietals as well as rows of olive trees planted among the grapevines.


Our head-pruned, dry-farmed vineyard follows the tradition of how grapes have been grown for thousands of years. Without irrigated water in the grapes, the full essence of the grape varietals comes through in every sip of the wine.


North America's largest flying land bird, the condor, soars once again in the mountains above Condor's Hope. The condor represents our care for the environment in the way we farm and our hope for the future.