Steve Gliessman and Robbie Jaffe have a lifetime commitment to creating healthy food systems where nourishing foods are grown in ways that benefit the environment and the people who grow the food; and there is a direct connection between the people consuming the food and the farmers. Condor’s Hope is a place where they put their principles to practice bringing together their love of farming, the environment and community.

Steve is professor emeritus of Environmental Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) where he founded the agroecology program. He is currently editor of the Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Journal. Robbie founded Life Lab, a nonprofit organization that develops school garden curriculum, programs, and trainings, and was a lecturer in environmental education at UCSC. She was also one of the founding members of the Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Market, one of the first certified farmers markets in California. Together Steve and Robbie started the Community Agroecology Network (CAN), a nonprofit that collaborates with rural communities in Mexico and Central America to develop sustainable food systems through agroecology.

“I have always dreamed of having our own family farm, and a place where the agroecology that I teach becomes a reality. Condor’s Hope has become that place, where each time I place my hands in the soil, prune a vine, or harvest a bunch of grapes, I am nourished by the land, by family, and by community.” – Steve

“Condor’s Hope is a place of community. A beautiful location where family and friends gather to be part of nature and enjoy the fruits of our labor together. It’s a time and place for me to tune into what I truly value.” – Robbie

They share their passion for Condor’s Hope with their son, Erin and his wife, Oriana:

“Condor’s Hope gets the whole family together. It’s a bond. A way for all of us to connect. And now it is taking off—and I think it will all fall into place. It’s now become my dream—and a learning process too.” – Erin

“Condor’s Hope has become a family tradition that Erin and I are excited about sharing with, and passing down to, our son Mateo and daughter Gia. We look forward to time spent there with family, and the years ahead building on traditions and memories. Sharing a harvest experience or story over a glass of wine, has been a great way to really connect with people on a deeper level. Condor’s Hope Ranch and traditions, truly connect generations through a cultural, ecological, and social setting.” – Oriana

And we’re very fortunate to have Heather Griffith as Condor’s Hope’s Market & Events Coordinator:

Everything we eat and drink has a story – where the plants were grown, how they were grown, how the food and drink was made. It’s important to know these stories. With Condor’s Hope, I get to tell the story of plants being grown in harmony with the ecosystem around them, to make wine and olive oil that is rich with tradition and flavor. A story that will hopefully encourage those who hear it (and drink it) to learn the stories of the other foods in their lives. – Heather