The very first weekend in May brought yogis–experienced and new–to a weekend of yoga and relaxation at Condor’s Hope. For many of us it was our first ‘get away’ since sheltering in during the pandemic. For all of us it was a very special time to be in nature and to have the guiding expertise of Susan Merritt help put us in touch with our bodies through many yoga poses. In addition we shared the vineyard wine as we sat among the vines and were feasted by specially crafted meals created by Brendan and Molly. Of special note was Brendan’s barbecued paella, (you can find the recipe here) followed by ukulele music played by Irene Hermann as we sat around the campfire. A fulfilling and relaxing weekend was enjoyed by all, as you can see in the photos below. We await everyone’s return to Condor’s Hope once again.

Robbie & Steve

(Special thanks to Shelly Errington for her photos.)