Karen Jaffe

Karen has extensive background as a yoga instructor and sound healer. In her practice, she has cultivated a specific focus on mindfulness and meditation as a technique to start the journey of self-awareness through sound.

Karen has been part of Condor’s Hope for 25 years. As part of our family, she has regularly participated in the ranch from planting the first olive trees with her children in 2000 to participating in our annual Thanksgiving gatherings. Besides sharing in family together, we have enjoyed and benefitted from Karen’s journey in using sound for relaxation and healing. We are thrilled that she will be bringing this practice to our yoga weekend this year.

Her project, Sound Nectar, creates a space for elevating vibrations and inspiration with the ancient practice of sound. She hopes to help others move to a higher state of consciousness, release blocked emotions, and create space for peace, healing, relaxation, and activating pure joy!

You can follow Sound Nectar at @sound_nectar on Instagram! Private Bookings are available.