Vines & Vision: The Winemakers of Santa Barbara County

Words by Matthew Dennis Kettmann
Photography by Macduff Everton
Published by Tixcacalcupul Press, Santa Barbara, 2020
631 pages

Condor’s Hope Vineyard and our dry-farming practices were profiled in the exquisite book: Vines & Vision, The Winemakers of Santa Barbara County written by Matthew Kettmann with outstanding photography by Macduff Everton, published in 2020. See the excerpt about Condor’s Hope below.

Cuyama, California; Steve Gliessman and Robbie Jaffe looking at head trained Pedro Ximenez grapes organically dry farmed at their Condor’s Hope Vineyard (photo: Macduff Everton)

Matt and Macduff through their words and photos tell the stories of over 100 vineyards and vintners in Santa Barbara County, a very unique wine region. “…Thanks to the tumultuous geology that created the Transverse Range, the mountains and valleys on this southwestern corner of California run east to west, rather than north to south-it’s the only place on the West Coast of the Americas where this geographic anomaly occurs.” Our vineyard in the Cuyama Valley is in the most northeastern part of Santa Barbara County at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains. These climatic conditions allow us to produce our own unique wines. Please enjoy our story below.