Video: Dry Farming at Condor’s Hope
Produced by: Mercury Press International
Filmmaker: Isaac Hernández-Herrero
Produced for: Santa Barbara County Food Action Network

We are participating in the active development of our regional food system. The Cuyama Valley in northeastern Santa Barbara County, where our vineyard is located, is known as a ‘food desert’ where residents drive one hour to the nearest grocery store. Yet a burgeoning food system is developing with home gardens and small family farms serving the local community. A local restaurant, the Cuyama Buckhorn , has established a farm-to-table venue that provides a local market and vital community economic momentum. They carry and serve Condor’s Hope wine and olive oil, for example. Through a local nonprofit, Blue Sky Center  we are joining together to implement a local food action plan. In collaboration with the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network  a series of short videos on Cuyama food providers was produced  including one where Robbie and Steve talk about Condor’s Hope and why we do what we do.

Please watch this short video to learn more about our story and our commitment to creating an equitable, sustainable local food system.