Bringing community together safely

An important part of Condor’s Hope is our community. We love gathering people together to connect with the land. With the COVID-19 crisis, like all businesses and organizations, we have cancelled many events.   As the current situation with COVID-19 shifts, Condor’s Hope has opened for our harvest, a fall yoga retreat and wine tasting by reservation. We will adapt our events to do all we can to ensure all of our safety during this time. So, we have developed criteria for attendance as well as on-site protocol to keep all attendees and Condor’s Hope staff as safe and healthy as possible. We aim, as always, for these events to be fun and uplifting, and we are grateful to all attendees for being able to support these conditions in our “new normal”.

We commit to:

• having the groups be small (less than 15 people)

• sanitizing indoor spaces including bathroom, kitchens, guest bedrooms

• ensuring to the best of our ability that participants comply with the scenario list and on-site protocol below.

Scenario List:

A number of scenarios have been generated below. If none of these scenarios apply to you, you are welcome to attend. If one or more of these scenarios does apply to you, we cannot host you at this time.

– I/anyone I am not distancing from (i.e. partner, child, etc.), has been in contact with someone who is or has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 15 days.

-I have a cough, cold or fever.

– I work with the public. (Note: as an option you can choose to get tested immediately prior to the event, so that you have your results by the event.)

– I have been using public transportation or have been in and out of transportation hubs in the 2 weeks prior to the event. (airports, train stations, buses, subway). (Note: as an option you can choose to get tested immediately prior to the event, so that you have your results by the event.)

– I have not been wearing a mask and/or using sanitizer during essential travel to grocery stores, drug stores, etc.

– I have not been observing social distancing.

– I live in shared housing where various housemates are following different adaptions of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, or someone is in a work environment interacting with the public (i.e. you are unsure if someone in your house has possibly been exposed to COVID and may have inadvertently exposed you).

*We understand that if a number of these do apply to you, you may be an essential worker, or may not have access to controlling your own shelter-in-place situation – we are incredibly grateful for you and hope that in the near future we will be seeing you at the ranch as public health continues to improve! If any of the above apply for you, unfortunately it is best for you to not come to Condor’s Hope at this time.

On-Site Protocol:

During the event, Condor’s Hope asks all participants to follow the below protocol:


– We ask that folks who can, camp in tents or car-camp. (There is some availability of indoor rooms.)

-For those staying indoors, we ask that you wear your mask when inside the buildings except when you are in your room.


– All eating will take place outdoors.

– Food will be prepared and served only by the Condor’s Hope team. They will be the only ones with access to the kitchen. They will wear masks and gloves during food prep and serving.

– Folks will be grouped together in their ‘Bubbles’ for eating.

– Yes, we will have wine tasting!

Bathroom use:

– We have 3 bathrooms. Participants will be assigned to a specific bathroom for their use. We will limit the number of people who can be in the bathhouse at one time. Individuals will also be asked to sanitize door handles going in and out of the bathroom and wear masks when in the bathroom.


– Yes. the pool will be open. Everything we have read about swimming is that water is a safe environment. We will develop a protocol that limits the number of people in the pool at one time.

General protocols:

– All attendees and staff will observe a minimum of 6ft of distance from one another.

– Attendees will sanitize/wash hands before and after touching bathroom door handles, other shared door handles, and handling Condor’s Hope tools.  Hand sanitation stations will be set up.

– Attendees will keep an elevated awareness of space and cleanliness (hand washing/sanitizing), so that we can reduce any possible risks to us gathering. Please sanitize faucets, light switches, other items you touch that others might touch.

– Attendees will have their own mask with them at all times and wear when in proximity to others, specifically when less than 6 feet from others; when inside a bathroom; when inside the guesthouse or house.

Note: Protocol may change. Please review this site immediately prior to your visit.

Thank you for doing all that you can to keep yourself and others safe and well.